ASCRS’ John Ciccone disavows offensive videos


The American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) held its convention earlier this year in San Francisco.  At the convention LASIK surgeons performed skits making fun of damaged and suicidal LASIK patients. One skit poked fun at patients who complain of halos and glare after refractive surgery.  The skits were published on YouTube by Parag Majmudar.  One of the skits featured Parag Majmudar as “Dr. I. M. Suicidal” singing of “pushing the boundaries of ethics”.

Last week a damaged LASIK patient stumbled upon the ASCRS convention videos on YouTube and sent a link to several other damaged LASIK patients.  The link was forwarded to Jim Dickinson of  Mr. Dickinson sent an email to John Ciccone, ASCRS Director of Communications, asking for confirmation that the objectionable videos were indeed from the ASCRS convention.  Mr. Ciccone confirmed that the skits were performed at the ASCRS convention, disavowed the videos, and stated that the videos’ producer would be asked to remove them from YouTube.

Although ASCRS is sorry that the videos were exposed, their apology changes nothing in the minds of damaged LASIK patients who have been trying for years to expose the corrupt LASIK industry for what they truly are  — liars in white coats, performing an unnecessary, harmful surgery and laughing all the way to the bank.