Military Deployments Delay FDA Studies on LASIK

Copyright Dickinson FDA Webview at Republished by permission. 9/9/2013 Post-operative quality-of-life studies on military personnel who have undergone LASIK eye surgeries have been delayed indefinitely due to personnel “deployments and the focus of all military staff on the war efforts,” an FDA spokeswoman tells FDA Webview. The study, known as Patient-Reported Outcomes with LASIK […]

The Scandal of LASIK

Copyright Perry Rosenthal, M.D. at Republished by permission. By Perry Rosenthal, M.D. 09-09-2013 Imagine a surgical procedure being performed for non-medical reasons on a healthy organ critical to our ability to function. Considering that this surgery neither treats nor prevents disease, what is its acceptable rate of serious and permanent complications? Shouldn’t it be […]