by CYNTHIA J. MACKAY, M.D., OPHTHALMOLOGIST Few ophthalmologists are willing to have LASIK done on their own eyes, but almost none will discourage his or her patients from having it done on their eyes. I am one of the very few ophthalmologists who is willing to speak out publicly against LASIK. Like most doctors, I am reluctant […]

FDA Panel to Consider Corneal Collagen Cross-linking

Tuesday, February 24, 2015 By Richard Smith           As with many regulatory proceedings, a Food and Drug Administration hearing today will have effects reaching far beyond its official topic. An FDA scientific advisory panel is gathering to consider a new treatment for keratoconus, a rare but potentially disabling eye disorder. How the FDA responds could […]

LASIK is safer than contact lenses MYTH

October 8, 2013 “LASIK is safer than contact lenses” is a myth that began with a letter from three biased LASIK surgeons, Mathers et al, to the editor of the journal Archives of Ophthalmology in 20061. In the letter, Mathers and colleagues draw some bizarre conclusions about the safety of contact lenses vs. the safety […]

The Scandal of LASIK

Copyright Perry Rosenthal, M.D. at Republished by permission. By Perry Rosenthal, M.D. 09-09-2013 Imagine a surgical procedure being performed for non-medical reasons on a healthy organ critical to our ability to function. Considering that this surgery neither treats nor prevents disease, what is its acceptable rate of serious and permanent complications? Shouldn’t it be […]