LASIK Industry Deceives the Public with Smoke and Mirrors

5/31/2008 Amid bad publicity for the LASIK industry, a group of LASIK surgeons announced ‘preliminary’ findings from an ‘unpublished’ review of medical studies showing a “95.4% global LASIK satisfaction rate”. Press releases issued by LASIK industry insiders appeared to link this literature review to the FDA with misleading statements such as, “The FDA reaffirms that […]

Patients feel FDA is disingenuous about interest in LASIK complications

5/4/2008 LASIK is a 2.5 billion dollar per year industry.  LASIK is considered by some as the “gravy train” of ophthalmology.  Recently many questions have been raised about the frequency and severity of complications, and now many are wondering if LASIK really lives up to the hype. In the past decade, several lasers have received […]